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Triangle Of The Squinches
A film by Andreas Morell / Arthaus Musik GmbH
Dancers pictured: Alonzo King LINES Ballet © RJ Muna

The Vienna-based IMZ International Music + Media Centre was founded under the aegis of UNESCO in 1961 to preserve the performing arts as a cultural asset.

As global business network for 150 member companies it connects the creators of the performing arts – the world’s renowned stages, dance companies, opera and concert houses – with the audiovisual branches – film and TV production, distribution, public and private broadcasting.

Providing resources: IMZ archive and database
The IMZ database, cultivated over 50 years, encompasses 25.000 entries and gives an instant overview over the history as well as today’s state-of-the-art music and dance films. Our film archive promotes IMZ Member’s productions, listed in our film catalogues for loan at international film festivals.

Promoting business: IMZ activities and services
As the lobbying group we aim to make a major contribution to our member’s business. Our diverse activities help to save time and costs on acquisition, pitching and networking: connecting producers with buyers and distributors, providing a synopsis of the latest cultural films available for international programme editors and broadcasters or bringing together producers with co-producers or funding institutions.
As the largest network of the music, dance and cultural film industry we provide customised services for members and non-members: curating film programmes for international music film festivals and events, services for individuals and companies looking for co-production partners, consulting for or clearance of film rights among others.

Young talent promotion
Our members are experts in their field or young talents who wish to learn and grow. We bring them together: striving for excellence in film production with experience and expertise.

IMZ services are designed for

  • programme buyers in search of high quality TV or DVD programmes on music and culture
  • producers looking for co-production partners
  • programme distributors wishing to present their latest programmes on music and dance to the programme buyers of international TV, digital platforms and radio stations as well as DVD labels
  • representatives of opera houses, festivals, concert houses, looking for contacts among the most prominent broadcasters, producers and record companies in the world
  • film curators looking for an overview of the latest trends in music and dance on film
  • aspiring talents who wish to learn from experts about film production, self-marketing and financing or seek contacts to the market buying industries
  • individuals in the audio, video, multi-media or online business
  • journalists who want to stay on top of evolving tastes and trends in the music world
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