Beyond projection: tomorrow’s immersive media experience.

Within its comprehensive perspective onto the full scope of topics in the performing arts industry, Avant Première’s second contentual emphasis is given to innovation in technology. For the first time and exclusively at Avant Première Fraunhofer HHI presents TIME Lab to the public: a system for 360° recording and projection at a 7K HD-resolution for 2D and 3D. An interactive sound system changes the perception of sound as the observer moves towards and away from the screen.

As WINNER OF THE 3D TECHNOLOGY AWARD 2013 OF THE INTERNATIONAL 3D & ADVANCED IMAGING SOCIETY TIME Lab features the Omni-Cam 360 based on ten 36 degree mirror segments which can be equipped with a set of HD cameras to generate live panoramas with the total resolution in the range of 10.000 x 2.000 pixels.