The Vienna-based IMZ International Music + Media Centre is a Nonprofit Organisation founded under the aegis of UNESCO in 1961 to preserve the performing arts as a cultural asset.

With this goal in mind, we promote the performing arts in and through audiovisual media, thereby making music + dance performances available for future generations while reaching + engaging new audiences through the more easily accessible medium film.

As a global business network for more than 150 Member Organisations, the IMZ provides relevant information + opportunities for those active at the intersection of performing arts + media: leading film + TV production companies, public + private broadcasters, streaming platforms, distributors + record labels as well as opera houses, concert halls, orchestras and dance companies.

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Connecting Europe and the World

The Creative Europe programme provides support for European Networks that help the cultural and creative sectors operate transnationally and strengthen their competitiveness.

As the IMZ’s mission overlaps in many regards, we are proud to be an Ambassador for the Creative Europe programme, supporting the notion of European and transnational connectivity + cultural exchange. While our activities may be concentrated in Europe, they are certainly not restricted to one continent: We are grateful for the support of the EU, which allows the IMZ to intensify and expand its activities on a global scale.

Creative Europe's Support to European Networks Sub-Programme strengthens the relations between participating networks; the IMZ is very happy to take part and work closer with the other European organisations committed to cultural excellence.



The activities of the IMZ fully incorporate the purpose of the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union, aiming at highlighting Europe’s cultural diversity and the strength of its creative sectors. The role of the IMZ in broadening the audience through the dissemination of cultural content through audiovisual media is essential in bringing European citizens closer to their material and immaterial cultural heritage and contemporary creation.

Head of Unit Creative Europe – European Commission &
Directorate General – Education and Culture


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