Market Screening
‘Being Kristina – The Young Queen’

Presented by SVT – Swedish Television

Being Kristina is a visual dance-explosion with classical ingredients and a modern touch. The story starts with the Young Queen Kristina inheriting the Swedish Crown just 6 years old. Emotions, misdeeds, love and success, all scenes are expressed in dance. The locations are the original Castles, churches, audience Chambers, ballrooms and baroque gardens of the 1600-teenager. This young girl decides to change her life, faith and privileges to gain adventure and freedom. The choreographies, lead by renowned Hans Marklund, combines classical pointshoes with flat sneakers in an entrancing tempo and the challenges of the young queen are equal to the drama of all young souls.

Wednesday 17 Feb 201616:00 - 16:50Scandic Hotel Potsdamer Platz,
Market Screening Hall

GENRE Screen choreography, on location STATUS completed PRODUCTION COMPANY Nordisk Drama (Sweden) PRODUCER, DIRECTOR Fredrik Stattin EXECUTIVE PRODUCER Ditte Feuk CAMERA Jörgen Bodesand DURATION 43' PRODUCTION YEAR 2015 RECORDED Storkyrkan, The Royal Castle in Stockholm, Drottningholm Court theatre and gardens, Tändstickspalatset, Confidencen, 28.07.2015 PIECE A mixture of classical, ambient, pop and modern ballet, dance and music STAGE DIRECTOR Hans Marklund CHOREOGRAPHY BY Hans Marklund, Mia Stagh, Sigge Modigh DANCE COMPANY Anneli Alhanko, Base23 Dance Academy COSTUMES Eva Johnson SOURCE VIDEO/AUDIO HD / Dolby surround 5.1


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