Market Screening
‘Off Ground’

Presented by Cinedans Dance on Screen

One space; two people: a man and woman. Two strands of consciousness and time become entwined. In the first, a mother and son are connected in a loving game. In the second, her body goes into decline and she is drawn off to the side, their hands slipping from one another’s. This film explores the boundaries between life and death, body and soul, and reality and imagination.

Friday 19 Feb 201612:30 - 13:30Scandic Hotel Potsdamer Platz,
Market Screening Hall

GENRE For the camera: Screen choreography (with human participation), on location SERIES Point Taken PRODUCTION COMPANY Jongens van de Wit CO-PRODUCTION COMPANY NTR (The Netherlands) DIRECTOR Boudewijn Koole SCENARIO Boudewijn Koole & Jakop Ahlbom AUDIO RECORDED AND MIXED BY Pepijn Aben DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY Melle van Essen DURATION 12'24'' PRODUCTION YEAR 2013, DANCE STYLE Modern dance CHOREOGRAPHY BY Jakop Ahlbom COMPOSER Alex Simu SET DESIGN Joost de Boer COSTUMES Ellen Kromhout DANCERS Louise Lecavalier, Antoine Masson MUSICIANS George Dumitriu – violin, Magdalena Golebiowska – vocals, Sjahin During – percussion DISTRIBUTION TV Cinedans, NTR (The Netherlands)


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