© Camile Zwart

Market Screening
‘Platform 13’

Presented by Cinedans Dance on Screen

Tragicomic tale of a Japanese train guard who controls large crowds with powerful, graceful gestures. He finds himself in his worst nightmare: a strange world that has no need for him or his signals.

Friday 19 Feb 201612:30 - 13:30Scandic Hotel Potsdamer Platz,
Market Screening Hall

SERIES Point Taken GENRE For the camera: Screen choreography (with human participation), on location STATUS completed PRODUCTION COMPANY Blackframe (The Netherlands) CO-PRODUCTION COMPANY NTR (The Netherlands) DIRECTOR Camiel Zwart EDITOR Joël Hielckert AUDIO RECORDED AND MIXED BY Rijndert van Woudenberg DURATION 13' PRODUCTION YEAR 2015 RECORDED Rotterdam (The Netherlands), 10.01.2015 DANCE STYLE Modern dance CHOREOGRAPHY BY Klaus Jürgens SOURCE VIDEO/AUDIO HD / Dolby surround 5.1 DISTRIBUTION TV Cinedans / NTR (The Netherlands)


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