Market Screening
‘In the Mystical Land of Kaydara’

Presented by ERR – Estonian Public Broadcasting

A visualization of Peeter Vähi's oratorio In The Mystical Land Of Kaydara. Three friends – Hammadi, Hamtuudo and Demburu – set off in search for the mystical shadow-land governed by Kaydara, the invisible god of knowledge and gold. Kaydara supplies the friends with lots of gold, that however has dual meaning: it may bring wealth and happiness or it may prove to be a destructive force. Hammadi being the only one to follow Kaydara's advice based on the laws of nature and experience of the elders will achieve the ultimate happiness and power without desiring or seeking for it himself.

GENRE Relay of: Orchestral/choral concert FORMAT other STATUS completed PRODUCTION COMPANY Soft Spark Investments (SSI) ASSOC. PROD. COMPANY Estonian Record Productions (ERP) PRODUCER Jüri Tallinn ASSOC. PRODUCER Peeter Vähi EXECUTIVE PRODUCER Tiina Jokinen DIRECTOR Jüri Tallinn CAMERA Keidi Mäe, Neveli Niit EDITOR Jüri Tallinn AUTHOR Peeter Vähi, Jüri Tallinn GRAPHICS Robin Nõgisto, Jaanus Nõgisto, Jüri Tallinn AUDIO RECORDED AND MIXED BY SOUND ENGINEER Tanel Klesment PIECE OF MUSIC Peeter Vähi: In the Mystical Land of Kaydara COMPOSER Peeter Vähi CONDUCTOR Mihhail Gerts CHORUS MASTER Ingrid Kõrvits ORCHESTRA / BAND CHOIR DURATION 59' 58'' PRODUCTION YEAR 2016 RECORDED Estonia Concert Hall – Tallinn (Estonia), 2015-10-11 SOURCE VIDEO/AUDIO HD / Stereo



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