Avant Première Talk ‘Mirages – An innovative exploration combining arts and technologies’

Presented by KROMA Productions

This Avant Première Talk is about using innovative technologies in order to create world class art, using the example of the extraordinary production “Mirages”. Mirages is innovative by nature - a production where the basis lies in music and the visual world is realised by using green screen, virtual studio and motion capture techniques. This production combines live action footage of the performer with real-time virtual sets and interactive digital elements. This is a new method for creating the visual world around the performer in any audiovisually transmitted event - an innovative interplay between online streaming, film and game design technologies.

This Avant Première Talk is held in the course of the Programme Focus "Innovation Day".


Marikki Hakola

Scriptwriter, Concept Designer and Director at KROMA Productions

Marikki Hakola is a media artist, film director and producer. Her works, beginning in 1981, include dance and music films, video art, installations, multimedia, short films and documentaries. Her works include music + dance films and documentaries as well as innovative arts projects like interactive media arts installations or opera films with virtual set design.

Tanja Bastamow

Virtual Set Designer + Concept Designer at KROMA Productions

Tanja Bastamow is a digital artist specialising in virtual scenography. She has been working in virtual set design, 3D animation and post production for film, television, new media technologies and experimental games since 2000. Her key areas of interest are immersive virtual environments, how new technologies affect visual storytelling, finding new visual styles in digital expression, and integrating digital tools with analogue working methods.


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