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Avant Première Talk ‘The Migration of Content Consumption’

Presented by VeeR

With the rapid development of emerging technologies, the way people consume content has been shifting from flat screens to a more immersive and interactive medium. This talk will give a comprehensive overview of the global VR industry and the landscape of VR content creation. Furthermore, the historical perspective of content consumption will be assessed and the impact of virtual reality on the entertainment industry analysed. Eventually, Yingran Zhao will also present VeeR’s role and contribution in these transformative years.

This Avant Première Talk is held in the course of the Programme Focus "Innovation Day".


Yingran Zhao

Head of Global Content Acquisition at VeeR

Yingran Zhao is overseeing global content acquisition at VeeR and has acquired more than 100 premium VR experiences across diverse genres and has also established VeeR’s premium library. In the course of her experience she has gained a deep understanding of the global VR Industry.


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