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Market Screening ‘Wolves in the streets – A journey into America’s folk underground’

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“When times are hard, music really helps you through the day,” says songwriter James Hunnicutt, describing the emerging music scene Muddy Roots. A music between bluegrass and punk, between nostalgia and aggression that appeals to more and more people shaken by the decline of the white working class in America.
The film “Wolves in the Streets” follows the Bavarian bluegrass band The Dinosaur Truckers on their first US tour. Coming from a completely different background, the musicians don’t need to live the hobo life of the US bands. Faced with the hard reality of the scene, the band’s dream of the free US music scene begins to crack.

GENRE Documentary Series MUSIC STYLE classical music, opera, musical, popular classical music PRODUCTION YEAR 2019/2020 DURATION 4x50 min or optional 4x50 min RECORDING LOCATION worldwide DATE OF RECORDING 2019/2020 SOLOISTS Charles Castronovo, Cameron Carpenter, N.N. DIRECTOR Christoph Engel PRODUCTION COMPANY Bilderfest EXECUTIVE PRODUCER Dietmar Lyssy, Marcus Uhl DISTRIBUTION TV Unitel


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