© Yadegar Asisi

‘Just for one Day’ Dynamic Spatial Storytelling

Presented by Isovist Ltd., Zaubar, Neues Theater e.V., Studio Asisi

Introducing work in progress combining immersive theater, XR, and Panoramic Art. Based on the life and work of German artist Yadegar Asisi, who creates the world´s largest panoramas, this mixed reality experience works on a multitude of platforms and devices. The unique innovation is that entire scenes are presented spatially in layers. Set in Berlin in the ’80s, it tells a mesmerizing story between fiction and facts of how a young artist overcomes his Cold War family trauma, meets David Bowie, and makes the Berlin Wall disappear just for one day. A journey into the remembering artist’s brain.

This Avant Première Talk is held in the course of the Innovation Focus.


Dale Herigstad

Creative Director for Visuals

Dale Herigstad spent over 30 years in Hollywood as a Creative Director for motion graphics in TV and film, advised the American Film Institute, and pioneered in the development of “Spatial Navigation”. His work was awarded 4 Emmys and 21 Promax BDAs.

Johannes Brandrup

Creative Director for Story + Performance, Author

Johannes Brandrup wrote, directed, and produced several “digital theatre” shows which combined physical and virtual spaces, making him a pioneer in location-based storytelling. His company Map My Story was awarded by the German Federal Government.

Stefan Marx

Technical Director for Augmented Reality

Stefan Marx has raised more than $ 2.5M in the XR industry as a serial founder, won the SXSW award for Virtual Reality innovation, built the first Virtual Reality camera app, founded the company ZAUBAR to create immersive urban experiences with AR.

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