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Market Screening ‘Mirages’

Presented by Kroma Productions

Mirages is a music + dance film – an audiovisual poem. The story has a strong female voice. The protagonist contemplates a close relationship, the different faces of love, and the sensation of senses, colours and feelings. She experiences the end of the relationship and its gradual transition into memories. Her mind broadens from personal experiences + questions of identity towards a greater sense of communality, and the recognition of her own powers. In the end, she joins the community and shifts her energies towards a greater, communal purpose. Visualisation is composed by using real-time 3D virtual scenography.


  • Mirages © Kroma Productions Ltd. 2021

GENRE Music + Dance Film, Fiction PRODUCTION YEAR 2020 DURATION 50 min MUSIC Kaija Saariaho DIRECTOR Marikki Hakola PRODUCTION COMPANY Kroma Production Ltd.


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