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Welcome to the IMZ International Music + Media Centre

The IMZ is the global association for all those involved in any aspect of audio-visual music and dance. Its 150+ members include broadcasters; performing arts companies and venues; programme producers and distributors; record and DVD labels; cinema and new media specialists: all the participants in the creation and dissemination of music in the media. The largest are international brands like the BBC, Metropolitan Opera New York, and Universal Music; the smallest are individual composers, choreographers, musicians or directors.

Since it was founded in 1961 under the aegis of UNESCO the IMZ has dedicated itself to the worldwide development and promotion through audio-visual media of all forms of classical, jazz, world and contemporary music, as well as classical and contemporary dance.

Why be a member?

Its the one-stop shop for anyone in any position in the value chain from music and dance creation to the buying public.

For an opera house it provides an instant media policy along with every element needed to carry it out.
For a broadcaster, its every stage of the supply chain.
For producers and distributors, its their entire global market.
For everyone, its a valuable network, a forum for discussion, a showcase for  productions, a lobbying group, a database, and an information exchange.

The IMZ makes a real contribution to the businesses of its members.

Dont miss out! Join us today.