The IMZ Academy is a master class-series for young and established professionals in the area of audio-visual music and dance production. Highly practical workshops and interactive seminars facilitate intensive exchange of renowned experts or new talents. Covering topics from multi-camera capture training to the specific conditions of performance capture for TV, cinema or online, the IMZ Academy aims at developing innovative, industry-specific know-how and establishing sustainable networks.

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The IMZ Academy is an initiative that brings together professionals in the field of cultural film productions, fostering intensive experience exchange, hands-on knowledge transfer and development of industry-specific skills.


The IMZ Academy offers 1-3 day intensive trainings sessions on the topic of current importance for cultural film industry to enhance knowledge but also to open up new opportunities for cooperation and promote intercultural exchange.


One objective of the IMZ Academy is to support the professionalization of the younger generation in the performing arts genre.


IMZ Academy from 29-30 May 2018

The IMZ Academy “Re-Imagining the Orchestra for the Digital Age” takes place at Music + Arts University of the City of Vienna and helps orchestras to promote themselves in the digital world.

IMZ Academy Session on 23 March 2018

This IMZ Academy Session “Brand, Media + Technolgoy - How emotions shape your brand“ takes place in the course of Karajan Music Tech Conference, Salzburg/Austria.

IMZ Academy Session on 19 Feb 2018

This IMZ Academy Session focuses on innovative technologies in performing arts film production with an emphasis on 360° experiences and took place during “Innovation Day“ at Avant Première.

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Great to have very high qualification professionals as presenters of the training course. Very good to meet people, get some new contacts.

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Networking, getting insider knowledge

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