IMZ Ambassadors

IMZ Ambassadors are dedicated IMZ Members or supporters who are committed to advancing our mission of promoting performing arts through audiovisual media.
In order to account for the diversity of IMZ stakeholders, IMZ Ambassadors come from a variety of professional backgrounds and represent producers, distributors, broadcasters and streaming platforms as well as cultural and educational institutions.

Aims of the IMZ Ambassador Programme

  • Enlarge and intensify the global IMZ Network
  • Gather and connect key players of the industry
  • Ensure that the IMZ remains on the pulse of current industry developments

Activities of IMZ Ambassadors

  • Share information about the IMZ and its activities with industry colleagues and networks
  • Recommend new IMZ Members, important networks or relevant festivals
  • Facilitate co-operations with other organisations and market players
  • Represent the IMZ at industry-relevant gatherings and host regional IMZ events

Benefits for IMZ Ambassadors

  • Connect and exchange within the global IMZ Community
  • Strengthen and develop own professional network and international profile
  • Take advantage of favourable rates for IMZ events

Contact Sophie Schneider to learn more about the opportunity of joining the exclusive IMZ Ambassador Progamme!