The motivation behind this unique, non-profit and entirely non-commercial initiative is bringing dance films to a wider public and providing exposure beyond the festival circuit for the audio-visual capture of dance. The creation of the initiative dates back to 1999, when the IMZ in association with the SK Culture Foundation, Cologne, decided to create an archive offering dancescreen winning and nominated productions, curated programmes and highlights for a reasonable prize to festivals around the world to continue their global journey. The IMZ holds the rights for non-commercial bookings for all listed dance films.


Within the non-profit initiative World Music Films On Tour, the IMZ aims at bringing excellent world music films that have been screened at WOMEX to a wider public and make films known beyond all borders. The IMZ offers a unique selection of films to various non-commercial festival organisers and cultural institutions around the world to a reasonable price. The motivation behind the initiative is on the one hand to support World Music filmmakers in promoting and distributing their artwork around the planet and on the other hand to make these films available even for small festivals, conferences, and other events having restraint budgets. With the initiative World Music Films On Tour, the IMZ is able to further and follow more intensively its mission to support music and dance in the audio-visual media.