Dervishes – A film by RJ Muna
Choreographed + performed by Katherine Helen Fisher + Jaime Verazin
© RJ Muna

Our Team

It takes amazing individuals to support our members and enable arts and culture to flourish; meet the faces behind the IMZ!

Katharina Jeschke

Secretary General

PROJECT Management

Max Güntert

Market Access + Professionalisation

"The breadth of events the IMZ stages for its members seeks to adapt the industry to current developments. This interdisciplinary approach appeals to my eagerness to foster ongoing projects at the IMZ, and thereby support the performing arts as a whole."

Max Beckham-Ortner

Market Access + Membership + Professionalisation

"Culture is a way of seeing. I like to think that through the IMZ, the performing arts sector has a chance to grow, find new audiences, and rediscover itself on a constant basis. After all, the meaning of life is the unfinished."

Kerttu Piirto

Network + EU + Funding

"As funding manager at the IMZ, I help the performing arts sector thrive in a fast-changing audiovisual sector. I feel privileged to be working for our mission: reaching new audiences and making the achievements of the past and present available for future generations."

Antonius Widmann

Market Access + Audience Development

"As a trained musician myself, I believe that music and performing arts are essential to our society and culture. Working at the IMZ allows me to help improve the visibility and availability of the arts by fostering connections between stage and film, thereby making the industry fit for the future."

Marketing + Communications

Sarah Schöllhammer

Marketing + Communications

"With a background in media and a passion for arts and culture, I feel strongly aligned with the values the IMZ represents. It is my responsibility to visualise the dialogue between performing arts and media, carrying our message out into the network and beyond."

Binu Starnegg

Communications + PR

“Preserving the performative arts is vital as what we see and hear on stage invariably becomes a part of us. Nobody remembers who the richest entrepreneur was in 1824, but people will recall the melodies of Beethoven for millennia. My job is to help make that happen by articulating the IMZ's message on all channels.”

Office + Membership Management

Sophie Asengua

Office + Membership

“Working for a non-profit whose main goal is cultivating relationships and spreading arts and culture makes me feel that I'm doing my part to bring some music and joy to the world. If you want to get in touch with us, I'll probably be the one picking up the phone or replying to your e-mail.”

on leave

Claudia Kruzik

Audience Development + Market Access

"All sorts of cultural fields - from visual art to history, music and dance - have always been of great interest to me! It enriches your life, broadens your mind and brings people together. Working at the IMZ means to combine those interests with your daily business.”

Sophie Schneider


“It is my privilege and pleasure to support both young and established professionals through the IMZ Academy, and to connect industry experts via the Avant Première conference programme. It is amazing how much talent, knowledge and inspiration can be found within our network and industry!”


International Music + Media Centre

Stiftgasse 29
1070 Vienna

Phone: +43 (0)1 889 03 15
Email: office@imz.at


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