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The IMZ Academy is a professionalisation initiative to support representatives in the performing arts + media as well as the music + dance film industry as a whole. A variety of current topics are covered in hands-on training sessions in order to help practitioners to tackle crucial issues that affect their work.
Digitalisation – as one of the major developments in recent years – is of course a significant topic in the IMZ Academy editions, together with practical, technological and strategic considerations for the performing arts in the 21st century.
Since its foundation in 2013, the following topics have been addressed in the course of IMZ Academies (usually a two-day workshop) and shorter IMZ Academy Sessions:

Performing arts in the digital realm – Opportunities and Challenges

The digital world calls for new ways of thinking and working together, it changed consumption patterns for music + dance films and significantly altered the way of communicating + engaging performing arts audiences. This focus of the IMZ Academy reflects on the challenges of these developments and provides practical guidance on how to best adopt accordingly.

Performing arts in the digital realm – Focus on specific sectors

In order to take into account sector-specific particularities, the IMZ Academy also dedicated custom-designed editions for various performing arts genres.

Technological and practical insights for performing arts films

Another focus of the IMZ Academy is to advise the producers of music + dance films on technical, technological and practical insights and developments as well as to support filmmakers in promoting their work in an ideal manner.


IMZ Academy Tutorials on the IMZ Online Services

The IMZ Academy Tutorials are designed to keep you up-to-date with the latest trends on the IMZ Standards on Metadata + Copyright, which are defined, advanced + tested by the IMZ and its member organisations within the framework of the IMZ Online Services. The Tutorials consist of videos, demos and other formats.


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