FEDORA Digital Prize
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Fedora Digital Prize

As of 2019 and in keeping with our commitment to fostering innovation + creativity in the performing arts film industry, the IMZ International Music + Media Centre has joined forces with FEDORA, a platform committed to nurturing European innovation + creativity and increasing the reach of opera + ballet.

With the FEDORA Digital Prize, which is awarded biennially, we advocate new ways of artistic expression and access to opera + ballet through digital innovation. Furthermore, its goal is to stimulate new collaborative approaches through digital innovation across different forms of media. With the IMZ taking part in the competition + judging process as an Expert Partner, the FEDORA Digital Prize will fund the winning project with 50,000, as well as granting the support of project partner Kearney.

The call is for innovative + interdisciplinary digital opera + ballet projects that advance artistic creativity on and beyond the stage.
Find out more about the competition process + more information below!

The call for applications is now open!

Apply before the deadline on 3 May 2024!


FEDORA is a non-profit organisation committed to supporting + contributing to the future of opera + ballet by nurturing their renewal.


For more information please contact

Leonie Bartels
Project Manager


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