Petrushka (original version 1911) – Devil’s clownery
Music by Igor Stravinsky / Choreography by Vladimir Varnava /
Distributed by Telmondis Distribution © Natasha Razina

Avant Première Sujet 2019

The Avant Première Sujet 2019 is presented by Telmondis Distribution and takes us on a magical journey where enchanted puppets come to life, fall in love and fight to death!

  • © Natasha Razina

Petrushka (original version 1911) – Devil’s clownery

The Mariinsky Ballet joins the Müncher Philharmoniker under the direction of Valery Gergiev in a performance of “Petrushka” in Stravinsky's original 1911 version. The ballet is preceded by Stravinsky's Symphonies of Wind Instruments.
In the summer of 1910 — just months after The Firebird's incredible success — Stravinsky was already energetically back at work, this time on a concert piece for piano and orchestra inspired by Petrushka, the well-known character of Russian folk puppet theater.

At the heart of “Petrushka” is a deadly love triangle among magical puppets: the clown-like puppet Petrushka loves the beautiful ballerina, who herself prefers the swashbuckling Moor. Their story plays out at Carnival festivities in St. Petersburg of the 1830s, and is structured in four tableaux that transport us between the "real" world of the fair and the supposedly fantastical world of the puppets. But the grisly end of the ballet leaves us questioning who are the puppets and who is the puppet master...

COPRODUCTION COMPANIES Telmondis, Münchner Philharmoniker, medici.tv TV DIRECTOR François-René Martin MUSIC BY Igor Stravinsky CHOREOGRAPHY BY Vladimir Varnava CONDUCTOR Valery Gergiev SOLOISTS Vladimir Shklyarov, Zlata Yalinich, Yuri Smekalov, Vasily Shcherbakov, David Zaleyev BALLET COMPANY  Mariinsky Ballet ORCHESTRA Chamber Orchestra of the Munich Philharmonic and the Mariinsky Stradivarius Ensemble LIBRETTO BY Vladimir Varnava and Konstantin Fyodorov SETS AND COSTUMES BY Galya Solodovnikova LIGHTNING BY Igor Fomin DURATION 35'

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