Duration of showreels + speaking time

Screening companies are invited to present films of international interest, new formats or films of future oriented character (eg. one-shot concert, children’s music programme).
The overall duration of a company’s presentation in the Avant Première Screenings are due to the type of IMZ Membership (Full or Affiliate Member).


Each screening company is required to give a short spoken introduction of 2 minutes, followed by the screening of the showreel.

How to use your speaking time!

As a producer:

Please outline your latest productions and give a strategic outlook of your company. Are you in search of co-production partners? This is the time and place to position your announcements!

As a broadcaster:
Please give a strategic outlook of your TV Station and TV profile as a broadcaster.
Focus on the next year in terms of content and productions. Name your own productions and / or give an example of the last year.

Speaking and screening time is calculated separately and cannot be summed up. While preparing for your spoken introduction, note that speaking times will be controlled on site.


Below please find the duration of speaking and screening times for Full and Affiliate IMZ Members. In case of showreels exceeding the required duration, the IMZ is entitled to cut them off to the appropriate time.Thereby emerging costs are not going to be paid by the IMZ, but the submitting company.

Of Show Reel- presenting 1-5 programmes: use 8 min screening slot
- presenting 6 or more programmes: use 12 min screening slot
- presenting 1-5 programmes: use 5 min screening slot
- presenting 6 or more programmes: use 8 min screening slot
Of Speaking TimePlus extra 2 min speaking timePlus extra 2 min speaking time