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Avant Première Talk ‘Das Totale Tanz Theater – The 360° Music Video’

Presented by Interactive Media Foundation and ZDF/ARTE

The whole theatre should be a stage! Das Totale Tanz Theater makes the Bauhaus dream of total theatre a reality, lets body and space blend together, bringing Walter Gropius' and Oskar Schlemmer's stage experiments into digital age using virtual reality. The question about the relationship between man and machine had been already asked by Bauhaus and becomes a 3-dimensional, audiovisual experience in this interactive virtual reality dance installation, with choreography by Richard Siegal and music by Einstürzende Neubauten.

This Avant Première Talk is held in the course of the Programme Focus "Innovation Day".


Diana Schniedermeier

Executive Producer at Interactive Media Foundation

Diana Schniedermeier, CEO of the IMF Interactive Media Foundation, has a background in advising, designing and producing products and media for the digital world. Her focus is on the exploration of new narrative formats connecting the digital and analogue world in order to transport topics of social and cultural interest.

Maya Puig

Creative Producer at Interactive Media Foundation

As Creative Producer at the IMF Interactive Media Foundation, Maya Puig Eriksson has inspired and led international teams to create award winning and demanding projects. With her background as a director and author she focuses on finding the right balance between story and technology.


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