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Avant Première Talk ‘Tributes to Beethoven - A Series of 32 Sonata Films’

Presented by Les Films D’ici and LOOKSfilm

At the occasion of Beethoven’s 250th anniversary, 32 pianists from around the world team up with 32 filmmakers for an integral sonata as we have never seen or heard. In artistic partnership with the Philharmonie de Paris, 32 open air films were created, each distinct, each unique, in sets where the intimate story between Beethoven and his performers meets the composer's sensitive journey, and the imagination of the directors.

This Avant Première Talk is held in the course of the Programme Focus "Innovation Day".


Gunnar Dedio

Producer at LOOKSfilm

Gunnar Dedio is a German film producer. He founded the production company, LOOKSfilm in 1995 and has been producing documentaries, feature films and series for cinema, television and the internet, including many high-budget international co-productions.


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