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Avant Première Talk ‘Tamed Cloud: Interaction with a swarm of data

Presented by EnsadLab / PSL – Spatial Media

Traditional visualisation techniques fail to simultaneously allow an access to specific pieces of information, provide a comprehension of grand ensembles, and favor the discovery of unexpected associations.
Tamed Cloud is an immersive interactive VR installation using AI. The immersant has access to 4,000 works of the MoMa, presented in the form of a 3D image cloud with autonomous behavior, which organizes itself according to the immersant’s gestures and vocal interactions. In a tailored environment, the immersant is invited to create a personal relationship with the data in a fluent and intuitive way.

This Avant Première Talk is held in the course of the Programme Focus "Innovation Day".


François Garnier

Researcher + Head of Spatial Media

François Garnier explores new forms of mediation related to the use of digital spaces such as Virtual Worlds, VR and AR. Furthermore, he is also a film director and research professor at Ensad PSL Research University.

Fabienne Tsaï

Writer, Producer + Associate Researcher at Spatial Media

As an Associate Researcher at Spatial Media, Fabienne Tsaï is now exploring the impact of spatial media on the phenomenology of perception. Besides, she is a PhD candidate in philosophy at EHESS and has been a film producer for over 25 years.

Dionysis Zamplaras

Digital Artist + Associate Researcher at Spatial Media

Dionysis is a PhD candidate in INREV laboratory in Paris 8 University and an associate researcher of the research group Spatial Media at EnsadLab, designing interactive installations and VR experiences that question the limits between the virtual and the real.


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