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Presentation ‘IMZ Online Services’

IMZ Online Services is the search engine + digital B2B marketplace for film licence trading bound to revolutionise the audiovisual industry.

More than a project, IMZ Online Services is the IMZ' ongoing digitialisation strategy. As it is being developed jointly by the IMZ + its member organisations in a collective step towards digitalisation, IMZ Online Services unites the expertise of an entire industry.

IMZ Online Services will be launched in September 2021 and as it enters the Beta Testing + IMZ Member Onboarding Phase, Avant Première gives you a deep insight into the current state of development, the core functionalities + the IMZ Standards being developed within the framework of IMZ Online Services:

  • How can I profit from IMZ Online Services as a film producer, buyer or distributor and what does it cost me?
  • How can I promote my catalogue?
  • How do the search engine + film licene trading work on IMZ Online Services?
  • What do I get from the IMZ Standards on Metadata, the ISCC Film Identifier and the European Licence Ledger?


Get in touch with Christian von der Recke c.recke(at)imz.at to learn more about IMZ Online Services!



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