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Avant Première Screenings 2022

The Avant Première Screenings are the core element of Avant Première Music + Media Market Vienna.
The 2022 edition will feature exclusive previews to 580 of the latest music + dance films presented by 70 companies from 20 different countries - a volume and diversity that is unparalleled!

We are committed to providing you with a dazzling screening experience as you know it!

All showreels will be streamed live via b2match.
Screening companies will submit their recorded 2 minute introduction prior to the event, which will be shown before their showreel.

Film submissions for the Avant Première Screenings are a benefit for Full + Affiliate IMZ Members only.
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Your showreels will be screened online  + will also be available on-demand in the Online Library via our event management tool b2match.


Don't forget to dazzle us with your showreel as our audience of industry professionals will once again vote for the most entertaining + creative showreel of the day to determine who gets to take home the Golden Elk Award!

Avant Première Screening Schedule

Get a comprehensive overview of what is awaiting you in the Avant Première Screenings, presenting the latest music + dance films.

Golden Elk Award

Like every year, the audience of industry professionals at Avant Première 2022 will vote for the most entertaining showreels of the day, which will receive the Golden Elk Award!


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