Sunny Side of the Doc / Pixii Festival + IMZ Pitching Sessions

Now in its third iteration, the IMZ International Music + Media Centre, the global network for the performing arts film industry and host of Avant Première has joined forces with Sunny Side of the Doc / PiXii Festival, the internationally renowned market place for documentary + narrative experiences, to host a series of exclusive pitching sessions!

Avant Première 2022 places a special emphasis on performing arts documentaries, offering filmmakers and producers the possibility to take their projects further!

New in the upcoming edition: a second pitching session exclusively dedicated to digital content within the performing arts – digital projects created through new convergences of documentary, culture and immersive technologies.

Winning Pitch "Performing Arts Documentary"

This is not a Kanga

Wonder Maria / Bruno Cabral

Some of Africa’s most amazing artists guide us through their creative processes and personal memories - transforming contemporary art into a portal unveiling the vibrant, modern, but also historical and contradictory Africa of today.

Winning Pitch "Digital Creation"

Alternates (Bergantian)

CinemaLeap Inc. / Lynn Song

This VR experience depicts two artists practicing their art amidst social pressure, censorship and a gentrified neighborhood, raising consciousness of the fragility of civilization whilst appreciating the immutability and ephemerality of nature.

The selected pitches

How does ist work?

  • The Sunny Side of the Doc / PiXii Festival + IMZ Selection Committee pre-selects 4 proposals per pitching session among all submitted projects, which are then eligible to be presented at the Sunny Side of the Doc / PiXii Festival + IMZ Pitching Session at Avant Première 2022.

  • In addition, the Jury members, consisting of international industry experts, can request a One-on-One Follow-Up Session, in which further details can be discussed.

  • Furthermore, one project within each session will win the chance to pitch once more in front of an international expert jury at Sunny Side of the Doc / PiXii Festival, taking place from 20-23 June 2022 in La Rochelle, France, as well as two free accreditations each for the event.


The two Juries consists of 5-6 internationally renowned experts + decision makers in the realm of performing arts documentary films and digital creation each. Meet the industry professionals!



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