February 21, 14:00-14:30

‘Consternation Folklore: Actions vs Symbolic Gestures’

Actions speak louder than words – but what about meaning, or causality? In wartime, the arts in particular become a preferred means for symbolic gestures. And while truth may be the first casualty, in the end, as Bulgakov wrote in Master and Margarita, a fact is the most stubborn thing in the world. In this in-depth conversation, Shila Behjat and Oksana Lyniv will reflect on year one of the Ukraine War, talk about the importance of real collaborations + individual actions/initiatives in times of war, and the naivety of cancel culture 3.0.


Join us for a personal + in-depth conversation with one of the most prolific conductors of our time, Oksana Lyniv!


Oksana Lyniv

Music Director + Conductor

An internationally engaged conductor, Lyniv is the founder and artistic director of LvivMozArt Festival, Lviv (Ukraine) and the founder, conductor and art director of the Youth Symphony Orchestra of Ukraine/YsOU. In 2022, she became the first female chief conductor of an Italian opera orchestra – the Teatro Comunale di Bologna. She is also the first female conductor in the history of the Bayreuth Opera Festival, debuting with "The Flying Dutchman" to open the festival in 2021. In November 2020, Oksana Lyniv received the Opera!Awards as the best female conductor of 2020. From 2017-2020, she was the principal conductor of the Graz Opera and the Graz Philharmonic Orchestra (Austria). Since the beginning of the escalation of Russia's aggression against Ukraine, Lyniv has become a defiant symbol in the international music world against the war in her country.

Shila Behjat

Commissioning Editor, ARTE/ZDF

Shila Behjat is a German-Iranian journalist, publisher and editor at ARTE/ZDF. At the core of her work with latter are cultural programs and the development of new formats and concepts. She takes part in the editorial collective around Tracks East, ARTE’s pop cultural format from Eastern Europe, Ukraine and Russia. Shila is a regular contributor and writer with focus on cultural diversity, equality and inclusion. 


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