19 February, 12:45-13:10

Market Screening ‘The Rock Prophet: Link Wray’

Presented by Espresso Media International

The Rock Prophet is the best kept secret of Rock N Roll: only Rock’s mighty heroes know about Link Wray and his infamous 3 chords. Superstars such as Jimi Hendrix idolised him and Jimmy Page said he would have never picked up a guitar if he hadn’t heard him on the radio. This is the true story of a revered Native American musician who created the biggest cultural springboard for emerging musical talents and led to the creation of an entirely new genre of music. Featuring an A-list cast of rock legends such as Pete Townshend and Dan Auerbach, iconic music doc producers Cardinal Releasing tell Link’s story for the first time on screen. Why is it that most people don’t know about this foundational figure in rock history? The Rock Prophet: Link Wray looks at his life and asks why.





GENRE Music, Rock, Untold History DIRECTOR Jon Brewer, Cardinal Releasing PRODUCER Hayley Medwell, Cardinal Releasing

Market Screening ‘Beyond the Decks’

Presented by Espresso Media International

With the global success of Electronic Dance Music (EDM), why is there still such a gender divide and lack of diversity? What are the pressures of being a ‘Superstar DJ’? Beyond the Decks takes viewers on a wild ride through festivals and clubs around the world, exploring the highs and lows of pioneering and trailblazing DJ’s careers, travelling to unlikely destinations dominating the EDM scene. Beyond the Decks chronicles the advent and evolution of the industry, from home-grown house and techno, and massive commercial successes, to uncovering previously untold historical moments. Featured DJ’s include Frankie Knuckles, DJ Pierre, Sister Bliss (Faithless), Anne Savage, Alok, Headhunterz and more.





GENRE Music, Electronic Dance Music, Popular Music DIRECTOR Jon Brewer, Cardinal Releasing PRODUCER Hayley Medwell, Cardinal Releasing


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