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20 February, 13:45-14:45

Market Screening ‘Tennis, Theatre and Revolution! The Mighty Ballhouses’

Presented by SVT – Swedish Television


The remarkable history of the mythical ballhouses that, for several hundred years, dominated as hot spots all over Europe. Here renaissance theatre was developed with triumphs by the young Molière, kings and queens fraternised with commoners, fortunes were gained and lost and a new kind of political meeting in these early sports cathedrals changed the world. 

What drew all these people here and how complicated are the rules of the original high maintenance sport that the ballhouses were built for? 

Experience the ballhouse ambiance in a setting where there were no building standards and no limits for athletic excellence.



  • (c) SVT

  • (c) Björn Abelin

GENRE Documentary, Historical DIRECTOR Ditte Feuk


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