Dance documentary, Bernhard Fleischer Moving Images

20 February, 17:15-18:15

Special Screening ‘DANCE ON!’

Presented by Bernhard Fleischer Moving Images


When one thinks of dance as an art form, images of seemingly endlessly flexible bodies full of beauty, strength and youth inevitably come to mind. But this impression is deceptive. Dance is hard physical work taking its toll. With few exceptions the duet with the dancers’ transience begins around forty. Yet, their maturity and experience harbour great artistic potential. The film accompanies Friedemann Vogel, Polina Semionova, William Moore, and Gesine Moog offering personal insights into their dance careers, reflecting on this threshold of transition. With Jiří Kylián, Marcia Haydée, Christian Spuck, Jan Martens, Ty Boomershine, Anna Seidl.


Special guests William Moore (Ballett Zürich), Gesine Moog, Ty Boomershine + Madeline Ritter (all Dance On Ensemble), Polina Semionova (Staatsballett Berlin) and Henrike Sandner (director) confirmed!


The screening will be followed by a Q & A session, with a reception to celebrate 25 years of Bernhard Fleischer Moving Images afterward.




GENRE Dance documentary SCREENING DURATION 53 min DIRECTOR Henrike Sandner PRODUCTION COMPANY Bernhard Fleischer Moving Images in coproduction with ZDF and ARTE


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