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Elevate your films reach and impact on the Avant Première 2024! Join us to showcase your latest music and dance productions through our diverse screening options. Whether you have a captivating documentary, an electrifying concert, or an enchanting dance performance, Avant Première provides the perfect platform to grip global audiences.

The centerpiece of the screenings consists of the Avant Première Screenings. Being shown by many different production companies from around the world, the variety and quality of the productions comprises much of what the Avant Première is all about. Each production company gets to screen a 8 or 12 minutes-long showreel.

Other screening formats on the Avant Première are:

Special Screenings with top artists in attendance ensure that the work of art receives the spotlight they deserve.

Market Screenings are helping productions to gain even more exposure to potential buyers and partners.

Other Screening Formats use the digital space to increase the convenience of watching and time of visibility.

Avant Première Screening Schedule

Get a comprehensive overview of what awaits you in the Avant Première Screenings, and who will present the latest music + dance films.

Avant Première Technical Specifications

Presenting a showreel or screening at Avant Premiére? Here are all the technical details required to make a successful submission!

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