20 February, 15:10 - 15:25

‘Documentary and AI’


Step into the world of creativity and connection with Shelby Ward and Caleb Ward, founders of Curious Refuge, present a captivating 15-minute overview of their groundbreaking Milli Vanilli Documentary completely produced with AI.

The team will skillfully navigate the audience through the technical processes used in the documentary, while centralizing the values behind exploring AI tools. Curious Refuge will explore how AI is shaping creativity and what you can do to stay ahead in this ever-changing creative landscape.



Curious Refuge is an online home for anyone who wants to utilize AI tools to create incredible art. The company is pioneering a new way to utilize AI to create the future of storytelling.

This talk is held as part of Innovation Day.




Caleb Ward

CEO, Curious Refuge

Caleb Ward is the CEO of Curious Refuge, an online platform pioneering the use of AI in film. He is deeply dedicated to democratizing the creative process and unlocking the inner storyteller inside everyone. His AI training has been used to train artists at every major film studio. He believes that AI is a tool that is dramatically changing the creative landscape and elevating everyone's creative potential.

Shelby Ward

COO, Curious Refuge

Shelby Ward is the COO of Curious Refuge, the world’s first online home for AI Filmmakers. Shelby has spent her career cultivating artists education communities in the motion design and VFX space, assisting artists at the highest levels of the industry from Disney to Netflix. She is passionate about creating an optimistic and inclusive creative community centered around modern technology.


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