General Terms + Conditions


1. Preliminary 

Avant Première Music + Media Market Berlin (short: Avant Première) is hosted by the IMZ International Music + Media Centre, Stiftgasse 29, 1070 Vienna, Austria (short: IMZ or organiser). 

A prerequisite of registration and/or submission for the event is the registered person's consent to the participation guidelines. Every breach of the conditions of participation as well as any disregard for security regulations can result in the withdrawal of registration and the rejection of submitted film material for screening and immediate exclusion from all events by the organisers. The IMZ reserves the right to assert additional rights.


2. Conditions for registration and film submission

Registration and submission deadlines are published on the Avant Première website ( A film submission does not guarantee registration. The organisers reserve the right to accept or reject a registration or submission and in this instance will give notice to the submitting party (company or individual).

A registration is only valid through the online registration form on the Avant Première website and after a payment confirmation through the IMZ. A registration is linked to registered persons and is non-transferable to other individuals. A confirmed registration allows access to the Avant Première Screenings as well as to conference programmes and events, except for the One-on-one Expert Session, which requires additional registration. The use of Individual Presentations Rooms or Meeting Desks or Booths is granted upon respective payment. Details are to be found on the Avant Première-website.
Stundent Registration is only available to students under the age of 27 and can only be processed if the Student Registration Form together with a copy of valid student ID is sent to office(at)


Film submission for Avant Première Screenings is available exclusively for IMZ members (Full and Affiliate). Precondition for a successful submission and acknowledgement by the IMZ is a settled membership status at the time of submission.

A film submission can only be completed successfully resulting in an allocation of a screening-slot during Avant Première if 

a. done via the online submission tool at,

b. during the official submission period and 

c. officially confirmed by the IMZ via email

Screening material submitted for the AP Screenings may be included in IMZ video libraries at specific and industry related trade fairs and markets such as dancescreen and used for promotional Avant Première-related material like trailers, until cancelled. 


3. Registration procedure

After the online registration is submitted, participants will receive a summary of the registration details including the gross amount to be paid. Confirmation, invoice and additional information will be sent by the IMZ within a maximum of 14 days after submission. 


4. Badges + tickets

Badges and tickets will be available at the entry to Avant Première at Hotel Scandic Potsdamer Platz, Gabriele-Tergit-Promenade 19, 10963 Berlin, Germany from Sunday 17 February 2017, 9:00 AM. Badges and tickets are handed out upon presentation of valid personal identification and confirmation of registration. Any company or person with outstanding debts towards the IMZ or Avant Première will be refused registration until debts are paid.


5. Loss + replacement

Over the entire duration of Avant Première, a badge or ticket is required to access the event areas. Security personnel can refuse access to individuals without ticket or badge. Tickets or badges used by people other than the registration holder will be confiscated. Loss or theft of tickets and badges must be reported to the IMZ staff. The issuance of a new ticket or badge may result in additional costs. The organisers reserve the right to deny issuance of a replacement ticket or badge. Day Passes are non-replaceable.


6. Payment + annulation 

Any payment prior to the event is accepted only via bank transfer. Expenses and transaction fees are to be paid by the submitter. On-site payment is possible in cash or by credit card (with no extra fees). A registration is valid only after the IMZ has confirmed receipt of payment. A cancellation of a registration may only be considered and proofed as valid in writing within three weeks after the receipt of the invoice and not after 1 January 2018. Invoices are to be paid immediately upon receipt within a maximum of 14 days. 


7. Prices + tax

Rates and tickets indicated on the Avant Première website and the online registration form refer to net amounts excluding all applicable taxes. Registration is taxed 7% VAT, reverse charge is not applicable. Tax amounts are indicated whenever prices are stated. No further costs occur beyond the total gross amount shown in the summary of the registration and subsequently sent invoice. Accommodation costs are not included. In case of governmental tax changes or the charge of new or additional taxes and fees which are unknown to the parties at this time, the organiser reserves the right to adjust the listed rates and prices accordingly.


8. Hotel + accommodation

Information and booking service for hotel accommodation is communicated on the Avant Première website. Contents, availabilities and the execution of the booking process is provided by Visit Berlin and Hotel Scandic Potsdamer Platz Berlin or respective other service providers, which are in charge of the information and booking or cancellation procedures. The link to Visit Berlin is to be found on the Avant Première website. Avant Première participants will be charged directly by the hotel and not by Avant Première or the IMZ. Questions and complaints concerning the booking process or service and accommodation on site are to be directed to the hotel directly and will not be administered by the organisers. 


9. Data protection 

The IMZ collects data provided by participants during the registration process on the Avant Première website. Personal data is processed only in accordance with data protection regulations. Personal data refers to a participant’s personal information such as name, occupation, position, postal address, e-mail address, telephone number, country, working sector and a portrait photo. Data required for completion of the online registration are marked with a star (mandatory field). Additional personal data is only collected if it is provided voluntarily. 


10. Avant Première Online Participation List 

Personal data collected in the registration process will be used for the “Online Participation List” section on the Avant Première website. Whenever information will be used for the “Online Participation List” participants are informed. Name, company, position and photo will be displayed publicly on the website for all visitors including non-registered visitors. A contact field is available among registered Avant Première-participants only. All personal information provided by Avant Première-participants will not be forwarded to third parties by the organisers.


11. Trademarks + third party content

All trademarks displayed on the Avant Première website are subject to the conditions of the copyright and trademark rights of the registered owner. Simply being listed on our webpages should not lead to the conclusion that third party rights do not protect these trademarks. The same applies to content provided by third parties such as videos or trailers. Despite careful control of the content, the IMZ team is not liable for the content of external links. The owners of external sites are responsible for the content of the linked websites.


12. Film and sound recordings 

Film and sound recordings of any kind by Avant Première participants at film screenings as part of Avant Première are not permitted. Any infringement can lead to civil and criminal legal action and can result in the exclusion from the event. Film, digital, video or sound recordings that contain any content of a film screening as well as the recording device can be confiscated. The devices can be returned on the condition that the owner agrees to delete the recordings beforehand. In light of the necessity to protect from piracy, every participant ensures that he or she will not steal intellectual property, in accordance with copyright laws and with respect to the resultant rights.


13. Right of withdrawal

You may withdraw your acceptance of our conditions by email to office(at) until 4 weeks after confirmation of payment. Your stored personal information will then immediately be deleted. Your registration will be cancelled at the same time. 


Last updated October 2017.





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