Vivaldis by Philippe Decouflé ©Heliox Films - Patrick Folliet - Parc National de la Vanoise 2019

dancescreen 2022 Partner

dancescreen is proud to partner with Cinedans, the only organisation in the Netherlands dedicated entirely to the dance film. Together we team up to select and present the best and latest international dance film shorts and performance relays, as well as offer development and network opportunities for both young and established filmmakers.


Cinedans, founded in 2003, is the only organization in the Netherlands dedicated entirely to the dance film, bringing together presentation, development and international distribution of the genre. The mission of Cinedans is to promote and stimulate the production of films, stage performances and multimedia productions with dance as a central theme, in order to strengthen the attention for, and the importance of, dance in combination with film and other media, and to connect it to wide audience in the Netherlands and abroad. Dance film is a genre that is constantly evolving. Cinedans' ambition is to stimulate and showcase these developments.

Cinedans operates through four basic pillars in order to achieve its goals: Cinedans FEST, Cinedans LAB, Cinedans TOUR and Cinedans WEB.


Cinedans FEST

Cinedans FEST is acclaimed in the Netherlands and in the world, celebrating dance film as genre and art form since 2003. Cinedans sees the ideal dance film as a true synthesis between the media of dance and cinematography. Through presentation, development and international distribution, Cinedans aims to enrich and stretch the boundaries of dance film, connecting cutting edge productions with worldwide audiences. In addition to an extensive and diverse film program, Cinedans FEST presents crossover projects and media installations, and organizes masterclasses, pitches, debates and workshops for professionals and general audiences.


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