Vivaldis by Philippe Decouflé ©Heliox Films - Patrick Folliet - Parc National de la Vanoise 2019

Cooperation with dancescreen

The IMZ is committed to strengthening + connecting the global performing arts film industry and thus regularly partners up with dance + dance film festivals as well as organisations with similar missions  to deliver dancescreen as part of a larger festival.

By contributing its international network and decades of expertise, the IMZ is able to heighten the international appeal + reach of the partnering festival and provide valuable opportunities to participants like the globally-renowned dancescreen competition and exclusive pitching sessions.

Moreover, such cooperations offer fruitful opportunities for mutual learning + exchange between the IMZ Community and the respective partnering institutions, channeling synergies and providing impetus for future initiatives aimed at supporting the dance film industry.

Cooperating partners of dancescreen are:

  • Dance + dance film festivals that wish to showcase artistic excellence in dance film production from around the globe
  • Dance + dance film festivals that wish to enhance their programming by incorporating a prestigious competition
  • Festivals + organisations seeking to expand their global thinking + reach, raise their profiles to an international level and establish sustainable networks with key market players from around the world
  • Events + organisations committed to supporting young + emerging talent in dance film production
  • Events + organisations eager to stay on top of current developments in the performing arts + media industry

Testimonials + Previous Partners

Previous dancescreen editions were hosted in cooperation with emerging + established dance film festivals and institutions committed to excellence in dance + film around the globe:

  • Cinedans FEST (2022)
  • TANZRAUSCHEN Festival Wuppertal (2019)
  • FRAME – The London Dance Film Festival presented by the Ballet Boyz in Kingston upon Thames/London (2016)
  • San Francisco Dance Film Festival in San Francisco (2013)
  • Cinedans – Dance on Screen Festival in Amsterdam (2010)
  • Holland Dance Festival + Filmhuis Den Haag in The Hague (2007)
  • South East Dance Limited in Brighton (2005)
  • Monaco Dance Forum in Monaco (2002)


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