Vivaldis by Philippe Decouflé ©Heliox Films - Patrick Folliet - Parc National de la Vanoise 2019

The dancescreen Awards 2022


Designed by Dutch artist and Vienna resident Martijn Straatman of Studio Tinus, the trophies for the 16th dancescreen competition were inspired by the sheer joy that comes with the world slowly opening up again. The sweeping metal arches are patterned after the movement of a dancer, with the stained glass reflecting adaptability, changing with the light and projecting its beauty onto its surroundings.

A reflection of the excellence demonstrated during the competition, it is our tribute to the creators, choreographers and dancers working at the very forefront of the performing arts!



About the Artist

Martijn Straatman

Studio Tinus

A graduate of the Design Academy Eindhoven, Martijn Straatman named his studio after his childhood nickname, a callback to when his interest in craftsmanship was first piqued while spending time in his grandfather's workshop. His design language is straightforward and uncompromising, with Straatman leading his materials in his envisioned direction – sometimes allowing his medium to develop its purpose, sometimes refining a motive when the design is instantly clear.


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