Content.Agent's Benefits

Content.Agent is the search engine + digital B2B marketplace for film licence trading, a holistic service responding to a global demand.




  • reach new market players at a global level
  • boost visibility + availability of content
  • developed with IMZ Members’ validation every step of the way, meeting real industry challenges
  • enhanced, safe + efficient search and trade process through revolutionary IMZ Standards for film metadata, asset identification and copyright protection
  • non-profit initiative initiated by the industry’s network and business hub IMZ

Benefits for Buyers

Film distributors, broadcasters, streaming + VOD platforms and film festivals:
Your gateway to a vast film catalogue


  • Easy access to a large catalogue of films for your programme slots, streaming platforms + sales catalogues
  • The powerful search engine finds exactly what you are looking for
  • You have all vendors at your fingertips: the contact of the distributor responsible for each production + licence is always shown automatically
  • Reach out to vendors pro-actively, or make settings to receive customised offers directly from vendors
  • High-quality metadata requirements on Content.Agent guarantee compatibility between buyers + vendors

Benefits for vendors

Film producers + distributors:
Be visible + reach your full potential

  • Boost visibility + accessibility at a global level for the productions you put on the market
  • When you have the distribution rights for a production, buyers are directly led to you
  • Reach buyers proactively: buyers can define how many pro-active offers they want to receive from vendors
  • Absolute clarity on ownership + copyright thanks to content-based asset identification + blockchain technology. This applies to any snippet longer than 2 secs!
  • With the IMZ Metadata Standard, exchanging data will be as easy as clicking a button
  • Organise your internal catalogue efficiently + choose which productions to put on the market





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