The identification of audiovisual assets is based on the cutting-edge developments from the ISCC foundation: The identifier code ISCC is content-based + entirely open-source. The generated information is recorded within a public blockchain. In combination with the European Licence Ledger, which also records the basic data on public blockchain, all ownership + copyrights are provided with a unique level of security!

Moreover, instead of a centralised structure, Content.Agent offers a tailored de-centralised digital setup. Building on service-oriented architecture allows the modular solution to easily interact with other systems such as film databases or data enrichment services. By having an instance of Content.Agent application set up on their own personal servers, users are guaranteed full control over their own data + systems – always!
Design follows function: A user-friendly and intuitive interface is a top priority. Content.Agent supports three methods to add film data into the system:

IMZ Academy


The Content.Agent tools adjust to the user's system. An API maps the metadata from their database to their Content Agent Inventory; developer-friendly webhooks allow for automatic, secure data flows.

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Is your film metadata formatted in classic excel sheets, .csv and other common formats? The metadata can easily be imported to Content.Agent thanks to a user-friendly interface.

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Manual Entry

In addition, film metadata can always be added manually using a webform on the Content.Agent interface.

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