CCI Thrive

Bespoke Business Models + Innovative Practices of Cross-Sectoral Cultural + Creative Collaboration 

What do data have to do with creativity and culture? Keeping up with global trends is paramount for SME in the culture industries to survive and succeed. To be able to benefit from smart tools, data are instrumental – also for the creative and cultural sectors. To draw upon the innovative power of cross-sectoral collaboration to strengthen the whole industry, it is essential that a sharing culture drives new business models and cocreativity and coproduction across sectors.


The successor project to Digital Cross Over (2019-2021), CCI Thrive explores cutting-edge digital technologies of the creative and cultural sectors. It examines cross-sectoral business cooperations + coproductions using a data-driven approach to inspire innovative new business models, encourage business ventures, boost revenue within the cultural sector + foster better insight into audience preferences. Besides commercial considerations, CCI Thrive will furthermore accommodate vital aspects of cultural creation such as content, green transition, ethical and cultural values.


Co-Funded by the Creative Europe Media programme and the EU, CCI Thrive is set to run until 2024 and is coordinated by the BGZ Berliner Gesellschaft für internationale Zusammearbeit, with partner organisations in Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Italy and France (see below); the IMZ is proud to count itself among them.


  • Kick-Off Workshop in Vienna in September 2022 
  • Online Workshop in December 2022 
  • Workshop Meeting in Berlin during AP 2023 
  • Online Workshop in March 2023 
  • Workshop Meeting in Florence in May 2023
  • Hackathon in Linz in September 2023 (tbc)
  • Workshop Meeting in Berlin during AP 2024 (tbc) 



Berliner Gesellschaft für internationale Zusammenarbeit

The BGZ is a non-profit tasked with strengthening international networks and collaboration in support of the values of the EU and for Berlin.


Ars Electronica is a cultural institution, an educational facility and a R&D lab active since 1979 on the nexus of art, technology + society. It represents a comprehensive approach in the confrontation with techno-cultural phenomena + enjoys a worldwide reputation for excellence.


Centrica specialises in the design, development + marketing of digital solutions in the fields of cultural heritage + tourism and in any expression of creativity. In 2015, Centrica founded the start-up VirtuItaly to valorise Italian culture through interactive + immersive touring virtual exhibitions.


The IMZ is a global network dedicated to the promotion of music + dance through audiovisual media. Its 150 member organisations are film producers + distributors, public + private broadcasters, streaming + VOD platforms, performing arts institutions + technology providers.

Nederlands Instituut voor Beeld en Geluid

The NISV is the leading institute for media in the Netherlands, one of the largest audiovisual archives in the world and is broadly connected across the creative and cultural industries.


SpielFabrique is a unique European ecosystem supporter of the gaming sector, offering acceleration programmes for European and African independent game studios as well as coproduction markets within Europe and between Africa and Europe.


BetaSeries has developed an important B2C recommendation platform for TV series, which includes B2B analytics for many KPIs, thus helping European independent producers and OTT platforms, placing it at the forefront of European digital transition.


CCI Thrive Presentation at Avant Première

IMZ International Music + Media Centre

During the Innovation Day of Avant Première 2024, the presentation "CCI Thrive - seeing with new (CC)Eyes" showcased groundbreaking digital advancements intend...

CCI Thrive returns from the Ars Electronica Festival with rich impressions

IMZ International Music + Media Centre

Where to hold a workshop for the digitally innovative project CCI Thrive, if not at the Ars Electronica Festival?

CCI Thrive presenting on the Ars Electronica Festival

IMZ International Music + Media Centre

Bringing "big data" to the arts - CCI Thrive will be sourcing the Ars Electronica Festival in Linz.

CCI Thrive makes another Step towards Functionality

IMZ International Music + Media Centre

Using traction of past discernments CCI Thrive develops further areas of insight.


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Project Assistance



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