IMZ ACADEMY SESSION 2018: “Brand, Media + Technology – How Emotions Enhance Your Brand“

23 March 2018
In the course of Karajan Music Tech Conference, Salzburg/Austria

Brands are driving the value of products in all industries. With new technologies being developed faster than ever before, media and music producers need to tell their branded stories on multiple channels and across various technologies at the same time. Obviously, this poses new challenges on operational as well as financial levels.

In corporation with the Eliette and Herbert von Karajan Institute, this IMZ Academy Session
explores the opportunities and challenges arising at the intersection of brand and technology.


In a world of increasing automation and machine intelligence, what domains of competency are we humans left with? If all jobs are done by machines, how will we find fulfilment, what will our purpose be?

The Karajan Music Tech Conference seeks to provide answers to these questions by examining the intersection of technology and music, perhaps the most emotional and human of all arts.

Leading experts from diverse fields introduce the most pressing issues in key notes and explore possible scenarios in panel discussions. While the Innovation Lab presents cutting-edge technologies of startups and established companies alike, the hackathon provides young innovators with a stage to develop new ideas and prototypes.

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Annina Zwettler

Program Coordinator & New Media at ARTE Germany

Annina has been with ARTE Germany since 2014. In her role she works on the French-German broadcaster’s content and digital properties strategy, and latest developments such as VR and AR. Before, she was a curator and project manager at the Center of Art and Media – ZKM l Karlsruhe and Technisches Museum Wien.


Angela Alvarez Rilla

Co-founder and Executive Producer at Sintonia Media

Angela is a Creative Producer of high end, multi-platform content like branded content for institutions and corporations, cultural and music programmes as well as live and recorded programs. She has extensive experience in managing the financing, technical development, creative process and distribution of all digital, television and cinema formats.

Sven Sören Beyer

Founder and Artistic Director at phase7 performing arts

Sven’s crossmedia aesthetics, his fascination for high-end technical developments and his mesmerizing combination of performing arts and media art lead him to found phase7 in 1999. With phase7 he staged independent art projects like “traces” and “words all over” at the New Vision Arts festival Hongkong, the cross-media performance “delusions” at Staatsoper Stuttgart/Forum Neues Musiktheater, the International Bergen Festival 2013 with the outdoor performance “Murmuration” and the walk-through opera “Celestial Mechanics” in cooperation with the Deutsche Oper Berlin 2013. For his realization of Samuel Beckett/Morton Feldmans opera “NEITHER ” via wave field synthesis Beyer was awarded with the OPUS German Stage Award 2013.

Frank Gerdes

Head of Cultural Department at Servus TV

Since July 2009 Frank Gerdes is working at the cultural department of ServusTV (Austria), since 2010 as Head of cultural department. Based in Salzburg he is developing and producing TV programmes for the TV channel – including several award-winning documentaries such as „Traces to Nowhere – The Conductor Carlos Kleiber“ (2010) or „Karajan – The Second Life“ (2012). Prior to that he was responsible for project development at EuroArts Music International and has developed and produced various cultural television programmes (performance projects, documentaries) as well as international media projects such as „24 hours Mozart“ and “24 hours Bach”.

Alex Olegnowicz

CEO at Symmetrica - Creative Technology Solutions

Alex is a creative technology entrepreneur and innovator based in Toronto with extensive experience in the Canadian, US, and Latin-American markets. He specializes in creative technology solutions for media, entertainment and the arts and has worked with some of the most important producers and directors in Canada, the U.S. and Brazil. Alex was nominated in 2002 for the Emmy Award in a craft for CGI and Design, as Visual effects producer and the Royal Television Society Award for the Discovery Channel's "Planet Storm", and collaborated in many award winning productions.



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