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IMZ ACADEMY SESSION 2022: “Digital content management in a decentralised + democratised online world“

8 April 2022, online
In the course of Karajan Music Tech Conference “NFTs, Web3, DAOs“

Decentralisation and democratisation are shaping our business of tomorrow. Blockchain technology and Web 3.0 (aka Web3) aim to empower internet users to claim real ownership of the content and data they have created and shared with others. But what ways are there to identify and protect digital assets such as music and video files in the online world?

Together with experts from the music and tech industries this IMZ Academy session reflected on current practices and standards and put those into comparison with a promising proposition made by the ISCC Foundation.




The Karajan Institute, founded in 2005, is aiming at managing the huge catalogue of Herbert von Karajans work with its complex meta data as well as presenting and supporting initiatives in the field of music technology.




Raphael Eckardt has been the label manager of the Halle-based label for audiovisual performing arts "Arthaus Musik" since 2020. He previously gained experience in the music media industry with the Leipzig label Rondeau Production, among others. As the person responsible for international sales and internal product processes, he plays a key role in shaping the digitization process at Arthaus Musik. With a catalog of over 1300 programs from the fields of music and culture, Arthaus Musik is one of the largest labels for classical music and art in Europe.


IMZ Secretary General + CEO of Content.Agent

As Secretary General of the IMZ International Music + Media Centre, Katharina Jeschke is a curator, developer and host of music film festivals and competitions worldwide. She is also the programme developer of Avant Première Music + Media Market Berlin, the international trade fair for cultural TV and VOD content. Additionally, Katharina is the driving force of Content.Agent, the digital search engine + B2B marketplace for film licence trading.


Director ISCC Foundation, CEO Craft AG

Titusz Pan is an entrepreneur and open-source developer. He is the inventor and architect of the ISCC. As co-founder and CEO of Craft AG, he has been developing media technology projects and incubations since the year 2000.


CEO of Posth Werk BV, Chairman of the Board of the ISCC Foundation

Sebastian is an entrepreneur and consultant in the media industries with a focus on digital innovation and decentralized ledger technology.


Onboarding + User Experience Manager at Content.Agent

Frank accounts for the onboarding and user experience at Content.Agent, the digital search engine + B2B marketplace for film license trading. He holds degrees in Marketing and International Management from Corvinus University of Budapest and Copenhagen Business School. Equipped with an entrepreneurial mindset and the mission to boost creatives with a passion for tech, quality and people, he launched his own startup and gained experience in various projects in the creative industries.


CTO digital images GmbH

After studying media arts at the Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst in Leipzig, he joined digim in 1999. He introduces new technologies into day-to-day production of the Studio Halle Group, with a strong focus on customer and business development.



Max Beckham-Ortner
Secretary General


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